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  • BTE Hearing Devices
    (for power users)
  • What is it?
    Eclipse is a series of advanced, high-end hearing devices with powerful output levels.
    (BTE: Behind-The-Ear)

    Two versions
    The compact miniBTE version was to be the smallest in class compared to competing products, reflecting premium cosmetic appearance, ease of use and durability. It had to be compatible with several ear connection types, and needed to reuse a number of body parts from it's smaller sibling, the miniRITE.

    The larger BTE13 version was basically a small facelift to enhance usability and durability.
    As ever in this field, discreetness is paramount, and all work was influenced by this requirement.
  • Kinship with smaller sibling, miniRITE
  • Image courtesy of Oticon A/S

  • Process sketches

  • miniBTE button sketches
    The spine of the device – the most visible area – needed to house a button that was easy to locate by blind touch, as well as a cover for a wired connection interface. We ended up combining the two into one part, reducing visual noise and enhancing reliability.
    BTE13 button sketches
    The two-way button interface on the larger BTE13 device needed communicate up and down clearly, by blind touch alone. And not by the touch of nimble designer fingers, mind you, but by the greatly reduced tactile sensibility of elderly users. Hence the sharp points and edges.
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    Oticon A/S

    Lead industrial designer

    - Collaboration with project managers and mechanical engineers
    - Market & trends research
    - User testing
    - Concept development
    - Design development
    - Mockups, 3d modelling & visualisation
    - CMF specifications
    - Presentations