Impact Health and Fitness
Mobile Personal Training - 2019

Lauren from Impact Fitness first approached me wanting to make her logo more professional. We've since worked together on a number of projects. 
Slowly evolving the branding as we go.
Client's provided logo on the left
Getting her car sign written for her business, I provided a simplified logo and feedback. I also assisted in a photo shoot on top of Te Mata peak suggesting angles and layouts that might lend themselves to different marketing.
Using the platform Webflow, I turned around a marketing site for her literally overnight. While heavily based off a template I made modifications where appropriate.
We also worked to update her flyers! Using her layouts as a base, I took a slightly different approach and am quite happy with the professionalism of the end result.
When Impact ran a promotion with a local coffee store, I provided a card for the Cafe to use to advertise & around 100 entry forms.
Recently Impact has been running a GrabOne Promotion. I've ran a Facebook & Instagram marketing campaign. We've also dropped flyers which were updated with a call to action. I also updated the website with a call to action box.
Impact Fitness

Impact Fitness