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    Imagined photo journalism Remaking images of stories which got no pictures at all.
The last historical ballad of Hungary
Penyige is a village in Hungary.
In 05.05.1905 in the Lake Szenke 9 young girls died  between the age of 13 and 17. It was Sunday and they wanted to cross the lake by boat. The ferryman
did not want to cross the lake two times so he fitted 15 people in one boat where normally 6 people barely fit in. One boy of the 15 passengers was epileptic, so the people tried to get far from him as much as possible. 2-3 yards before they reached the other side of the lake the boat overturned and 9 of the passengers died. They were all young girls.  The people of Penyige were saved their memories in a ballad which happened to be the last historical ballad in Hungary.

I tried to capture the silence after the tragic happening. Just to remember them, and to emphasize how fragile life is.