Homo Sedens / Servier

Art Directors: Nika Rogushina, Victoria Chekalina / artel.media 
Illustrator: Evgeny Lukovenko

Homo Sedens is a lifestyle popular science project with the goal to study as much as possible factors associated with sedentary life.

It was created to promote Detralex® medicine produced by Servier pharmaceutical company. The company designs remedies for hemorrhoids and varicose curation and prevention. As far as those diagnoses are caused by passive lifestyle, the team faces ambitious challenge to analyze the maximum of aspects surrounding modern person routine and affecting our physical activity—from sociocultural trends to technology innovations.

Sections   Psychology   History   Physiology   Сulture   Technology   Society

The research has been made real thanks to many experts in Health service, IT, psychology, and sociology, as well as designers, artists, urbanists including the mayor of Almetyevsk, the city with widest bicycle infrastructure in Russia, and architects from Zaha Hadid international bureau.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
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Homo Sedens / Servier
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