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Splash Brand Identity


Splash the Monsoon Carnival
Splash, an annual calendar event in July, is a joint venture of Kerala Tourism, Government of Kerala
& the Wayanad Tourism Organisation, showcasing the numerous tourist attractions & activities  of Wayanad District during monsoon. Into its 6th Edition, Splash was held from 11 to 14 July 2014
at The Hill District Club Wayanad

Splash is one of the most anticipated events of the year - considered the second largest gathering in the tourism industry of Kerala and the biggest monsoon festival in South India. The Splash B2B Meet is an excellent opportunity for marketing and interaction between buyers and sellers - Hotels, Resorts, Ayurveda Resorts, Medical Tourism Promoters,  Tour Operators, Bloggers, Travel Writers and Media.

As part of the transformation - from the carnival to business meet - with added elements of festivity, Wayanad Tourism Organization approached Anoop to design the brand identity for Splash.  The brief was from WTO was to create a strong and striking brand identity for the festival that could  be extended across the future  years and festival editions. Anoop  proposed the concept of changing the visual language each year, this, while  religiously maintaining  the core essence of the  Splash logo, to make each year fresh and memorable.

The Logo
The ‘Splash’ logo is an elegant, beautiful yet simple rendition of rain comprising seven raindrops in the seven hues of the rainbow, that also form the 'w' of Wayanad. The logo reflects Wayanad at its natural, wondrous best. Everywhere you feel the presence of  the logo - on the hills, in the stripes of tiger… in the bamboo forests. An enthralling harmony of VIBGYOR is what Splash is all about.

Illustration: Anoop V Chalil
Copy: Anoop Sreenivasan
Logo Motion Graphics: Ashok
Music: Jithesh KP
Digital Support (Web): Shibin TR (BuddySofft)
Photography Splash Event & Mudfootball: Arun VC 

Splash Brand Identity

Splash Brand Identity


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