Hungarian Proverbs
   These graphic renderings of a series of Hungarian proverbs are over a 150 years old and were generally used by peasants and the common people of the Carpathians.
Unfortunately, their meaning and humor will be lost in the translation, but I will try my very best to give you an understanding of it.
"Hozzánő mint csacsi a füléhez" literally means: The child will grow into his clothes like a donkey into it's ears.

This is said when a child receives clothes that are too large for him.
"Dirmeg-dörmög a medve nincsen neki jókedve" means Papa bear is growling and grumbling, he's in a bad mood.

Is said about people who generally have a negative outlook on life.
"Elaprózta, mint macska a fingást" means: The cat's fart is choppy.

This is said about a person who takes too long to pay back his debt.
Or he pays back his debt in many small payments.
"Vén kecske is megnyalja a sót" means: Old goats like to lick the salt-block too.

It is said about elderly men who still lust after young women.

  As in many other languages, there are literally thousands of these proverbs in the commonly used Hungarian language. These are just a few of my favorites, that I've made illustrations for. Purposely giving the pictures an old worn-out look, to further enhance these sayings' archaic quality.