- Recent Works 2013 -
A collection of my recent personal images from the past couple of months. 
Everyone loves dragons. This one is a fruit dragon.

Took about 4 hours this evening. I started just painting this time, no sketch/line art. Turned out better than I thought. Used an image I found on the internet as reference for the background.
Shark vs. Diver 
I wanted to paint a shark but wanted to make it a bit more interesting.

Took about 10 hours over a long period of time. Probably more if I account for all the screwing around. If i'm honest, I got a bit bored towards the end of the painting.
Gremlin Disposal - I made a screen recording of my process which you can see below.
It was done for the 68th 2d Creature Forge on CGHub

The brief was to design a battle monster to take on Godzilla. 

Learnt a lot. Lost some of the work due to not saving often enough. Learnt some positive things too though.

Took about 10 hours over a few nights. It was done in Painter and Photoshop.
This is a redesign of Aku from Samurai Jack. 

It was done for the 84th 2d Drawing Jam on CGHub. 

The brief was to take a super villain and redesign them but bring them into reality, like the Christopher Nolan Batman movies. 

It was lots of fun to do; Samurai Jack is one of my favourite cartoons. 

Took about 12hours over a few nights.