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    2013 - 5 Month School team Project. INFINITI ADEYAKA Brief : Create a new innovative package for the brand. With : Benjamin Baron Jean Baptist… Read More
    2013 - 5 Month School team Project. INFINITI ADEYAKA Brief : Create a new innovative package for the brand. With : Benjamin Baron Jean Baptiste Lefort Alix Roche Michaël Barthly Read Less
Designers :  Quentin Huber (myself) Year 5
                         Jean Baptiste Lefort Year 5
                         Alix Roche Year 3
                         Michaël Barthly Year 3 
Digital Designer : Benjamin Baron
                                     Quentin Huber (myself) 

September 2012. This last school project was a personal brief in order to create a flagship for a brand and to implements the process learning during my scholarship and internships. The school chose Infiniti, the luxury division of the group Renault-Nissan. With the increasing of Infiniti on the market, the brief offers us to create an innovative concept car based on the values of the brand, pionneer of the Crossover. But Infiniti is a new brand, born in 1989, the brand must create a personal strong image. With the Infiniti's marketing manifest Adeyaka, the brand can develop strong models with added values, and stories. We can’t translate Adeyaka by a single word, it's a special way of life. It means fascination and powerful shades representing the unlimited possibilities of living life. This is the opportunity to make his own choice.
Adeyaka is also a form of progressive elegance, a symbol of movement, flow and natural envoutement. Rich, colorful and vibrant, this vision is rooted in the power of nature, evoking a luxurious art and craftmanship. 
Method :
We recreate a design studio at school, to have good conditions for creativity and develop our concepts. We put our trends board on the wall and after the sketches to make the selections. We have also refined our themes with newer sketches more and more precise during this 5 week period. We sketched around 3 axes thanks our trends and we selected one for the development phase.
Method :
We selected the first concept according to the school jury choice. We started to create an architecture model in order to improve ergonomics and finalize the package. This model was the base of the style refinment. 
Method :
At this step, we worked like a design team, I managed the project to deliver the concept in good times. Thanks to the 3D architecture model, we worked on the details of the car, create the front identity, design the mesh of the grill, etc... and the digital designer executed sketches directly in 3D. In parallele, the group designed the interior and I built the 3D model with the sketches of my collegues. We use 3Ds max for the interior because of the more realistic finality of a polygonal execution for soft parts.