Verkligheten i P3 - Website Prototype
Verkligheten i P3 - Website Prototype
Verkligheten i P3, final project for Berghs Upgrade: Digital Design with Samuel Voigt Lind, finished over a period of 10 days in June 2019.

My role: Research (benchmarking, survey, user interviews, workshops), customer journey mapping, impact mapping, wireframes, user tests, visual design, prototyping and project management.

Verkligheten i P3 is a documetary podcast produced by Produktionsbolaget Filt. The target audience is Swedish National Radio, P3’s audience (17–30 yrs old). Each episode is roughly 25 minutes long, stands on its own and does not refer to current events.

The first episode was broadcasted in February 2008. There is an archive of roughly 1400 episodes on various subjects. The podcast is released on Tuesdays and airs on FM on Sundays at 5:03 pm.
The challenge
Verkligheten i P3 is one of Swedish National Radio, P3’s most well known pod-radio programs. The majority of it’s loyal listeners has been with the program since the start. New listeners have a tendency to listen to specific episodes, according to topic. We found brand awareness to be weak and engagement on social media was low in relation to the amount of followers.

Our initial surveys found that users in the desired target audience were avid podcast listeners. Documentaries are among the more popular genres, which led us to conclude there is great potential for the podcast to grow.

Solving the right problem
We initiated a Design Thinking workshop with the editorial staff to encourage involvement, reflection and openness to change. The workshop resulted in our hypothesis which we used as a starting point for in depth interviews and to further our research.

We think: being part of the discussion
For our target audience: 20+ years old, active listeners, with varied interests who
do not shy away form the profound
Will result in: more engaged listeners and a stronger brand
We know this to be true: when “I’m the listener”

Through answers like:
“Pods are like a book circle”
”I need to have a pod waiting for me”
”I usually Google when I listen”
”I like when pods provide some food for thought, not just entertainment”

We realized these features were needed to meet user- and business goals:
1. Clarify topics and content
2. Create incentive for discussions
3. Involve the listener in the discussion
4. Become a rallying point

Minimum viable product (MVP)
It is the golden age of sound and in recent years, FM radio has taken a step back as podcasts have become the most popular way to listen even to established radio programs. The majority of listeners access their podcasts from various Podcast Platforms which means it has become harder to stand out. We found that a responsive website using SEO has better reach and provides a better user experience.

1. Archive of all episodes
Create a searchable archive of Verkligheten i P3’s 1400 episodes organized according to topics and content. Each episode needs a clear description of the content since users want to know what they get before pressing play.The archive could be used as a resource by schools, as a way to initiate discussions on more sensitive topics. Or by the editorial staff to present a more complex interjection in the dialogue.

2. A Long Read for each new episode
Verkligheten i P3 would benefit from strong visual communication and creating visual content for social media. Long Reads provide a beautiful opportunity to supplement and enhance the storytelling with images, graphs, study questions and additional facts. We found in our research that a lot of users Google while listening to get more information or a visual experience of something in the podcast. By presenting a Long Read intended to be viewed in tandem with each episode, we can capture the listeners desire to scroll. Long Reads also allow the editorial staff to tell a more complex story.

3. Recording function
Including the audience and being part of the dialogue is being relevant. A recording function/button would create an opportunity for listeners to respond to the episodes by sharing their own stories and further Verkligheten i P3’s tagline – ordinary people’s extraordinary stories. We also suggest a change of the format, allowing each episode to be “alive” for 2 weeks instead of one. The podcast is released on Tuesday the first week, and on Sunday two weeks after an extended version is released and airs on the Swedish National Radio, P3, with the listeners recordings. This followup gives more life to each episode.

The visual design of the website merges tech and storytelling. Sound comes first and the imagery should not compete with the audio experience but enhance and invite the listener. Visualizing sound and sound-waves for color plates and additional elements furthers that.

The editorial staff at Verkligheten requested that the visual material would be easy for them to produce as each reporter is responsible for the material for their episodes. Using duotone allows them to elevate stock photos and mobile photos, lending a distinct identity to the imagery. As the podcast is a part of Swedish National Radio, P3 we used their typefaces and colors for recognition. – Promo for website
Shang Imam, host of Verkligheten i P3 helped us record a promo for the website
that could sound something like this.

Archive of all episodes organized according to topic.
The recording function allows listeners to be part of the discussion.

Website prototype – Long read
The Long Read is intended to be viewed in tandem with the episode, providing the listener with a visual story
and additional information. The Long Read also allows the editorial staff to tell a more complex story.

Verkligheten i P3 - Website Prototype

Verkligheten i P3 - Website Prototype

Verkligheten i P3, final project for Berghs Upgrade: Digital Design with Samuel Voigt Lind, finished over a period of 10 days in June 2019.