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Loft style apartment design

LOFT - a modern industrial-urban style of the interior, characterized by an abundance of open space and the presence of industrial elements (very high ceilings, unfinished brick walls, exposed beams and pipes, cement floors, etc.).

This style has become fashionable and has become extremely popular both in the USA, where it comes from, and in Europe. He is preferred by creative, freedom-loving people who value practicality, creativity and minimalism. Despite the fact that interior design according to all the canons of a loft seems rather budgetary, it is rightfully considered one of the most expensive styles in the world.
To create an interior in this unique style, a large room with no partitions (or with their minimal use), with huge windows and concrete or brick walls typical of a loft, is ideal. All space must be built on a combination of modern and old (intentionally aged) materials, textures and surfaces. Skillfully combining the distinctive elements of style, even in a small apartment with low ceilings, you can add a little urban charm.
Through the use of various materials for flooring, the kitchen or bedroom area can be separated from the total area of the living space. To achieve zoning, carpets and walkways will also help.
Ceiling. In the presence of high ceilings, rooted industrial elements should be used: wood cladding, beams or trusses, ventilation pipes. Embodying a loft in the interior of a small apartment with low ceilings, it will be enough to plaster them and paint them in white.
Functional zones can be designated using partitions from glass blocks, double-sided shelving, flooring, or different color walls. Furniture is also an important element in creating the illusion of zoning. For example, a sofa will help separate the dining area from the living room.
To relieve the living space from foreign objects, special attention should be paid to utility rooms (pantry, dressing room, laundry, etc.), which are isolated from prying eyes behind the walls ..
Loft style furniture
Loft - style with minimal use of furniture. Depending on the direction of the style (bohemian, glamorous, industrial), it can be ultra-modern or antique. In such an underground atmosphere, the connections of the old and new era will harmoniously look. So a stylish leather sofa in the living room can become the central point of space along with a luxurious table and chairs with expensive upholstery in the dining area.
The main requirements for furniture in this style are functionality and conciseness. For example, small objects (chairs, pouffes, armchairs, tables, hangers) can be on wheels for unhindered movement around the room. Using such objects, you can easily free up additional space at any time. As for materials, traditionally, leather, plastic, high-quality wood, high-grade steel and aluminum with chromium inlays are preferred.
Loft style apartment design

Loft style apartment design

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