Limited Edition Packaging // Django Unchained
This project is a special edition package I concepted and designed for the new Django Unchained movie directed by Quentin Tarantino. I wanted the design to seem authentic with an Old West feel, but I wanted to give it a unique twist, just like a Tarantino film.
In the movie, one of the first things seen is the giant tooth on top of King Schultz's carriage. I wanted that goofy tooth to be the first thing the buyer see's.
The inside of the box set includes the DVD, soundtrack, three collectable posters and an authentic Wanted poster from the movie.
Because the movie is called Django Unchained, I wanted the soundtrack to include an image of a chain being broken as the CD case opens. I designed the case to open from the middle so that it looked as if the chain on the front was now broken.
On the inside, I included lyrics from a song by Rick Ross that is included on the soundtrack.
In Django Unchained, I really loved the scene where the dirty blood from one of the Brittle Brothers was splattered across the clean, raw cotton. I created an illustrated image of this scene to put on the front of the DVD case.
I created a poster series for this project. Each poster includes a memorable quote from the movie.
The final piece to this project is an authentic looking Wanted poster that I recreated from the one in the movie.