NULink Redesign
Creating a site Northwestern students would actually use.
In January 2010, I was tasked with the daunting project of redesigning Northwestern University's student home page. The first picture below is what it looked like for about 4 or 5 years. We decided to not only give it a fresh redesign, but to change the user experience as well.
The final mockup I created before we began coding the website.
This is the main content section of the NULink site. This is where we wanted to drive students to the information they care about.
This is the navigation menu. I wanted to incorporate the "home" element of the redesigned NULink logo, so I added a rollover effect to each link on the navigation bar.
This is one of the advertising sections of the NULink site. One of the positive qualities of the previous versions of NULink was that it was an important advertising outlet for student group meetings and events. We wanted to stay true to that mission but also give the advertising boxes a fresh and standard look.
Here is the footer of the website. Since we added more visuals in the first two-thirds of the page, we made a functional footer to hold all the important links for students.