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    A shelf especially designed for children
The world of children is one of the most magical and fantastic places we can imagine. And from an early age, all children have an amazing capacity for imagination. How many of us have seen children with simple items such as cardboard boxes, Styrofoam blocks and give wings to imagination, spending hours entertained with things that at first may seem trivial and uninteresting.
It was based on that concept I decided to develop this project. Continuing to stimulate their creative minds to be able to create their worlds. Shelfs are generaly built for the placement of books... but a shelf of a child, there is always more than books - there are toys, balls, dolls, and more. Could it possibly be a new space to play or simulation of a "small building"? "Let's fly" with the imagination of our "Little-Great" heroes. 

Year: 2010

Award: 2011 AIMMP Honorable Mention