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Digital Design & Production Portfolio

Contract Digital Designer: Carter's Inc.
As a contract designer at Carter's Canada (, I was primarily tasked with assembling the home pages for Carter's Canada in English and French using Adobe Experience Manager. I also built ad banners in multiple sizes in English and French.
Contract Digital Designer: Purchasing Power
As a contract designer at Purchasing Power (, I worked with the Creative Manager and Senior Designers to create original work and build out multiple versions of retail assets using Adobe XD. The range of deliverables included social media banners, responsive and desktop slideshow panels, landing pages for different product/brand sections of the site, and a wide variety of other advertising graphics for online use.

Landing Pages
Pages designed to promote specific product lines on the Purchasing Power site.
Category Banners
Designed to be the hero image at the top of a category/brand page.

Emails and Promotional Banners
Promo banners were used as the hero for emails, so most of the original design in the email was contained in the hero. Promo banners also included social, site and other email banners, the design of which was dictated by the look of the hero.

Digital Production Designer: PureRED
All of the work on this page was created while at PureRED Digital in Atlanta, Georgia ( I worked there as a Digital Production Designer, created original work and building out multiple versions of assets under the direction of the Associate Creative Directors. The clients I worked for included: Sears Hometown and Outlet Stores, Safeway, Dollar General, Bed Bath and Beyond and Buy, Buy Baby. The range of deliverables includes social media banners, responsive and desktop slideshow panels, and a wide variety of other advertising graphics for online use.
Sears Outlet Stores
Social Banner Case Study
The comps are arranged from left to right in order of completion.

Version 1 - I started by trying to create a strong lockup to emphasize the fact that the sale ran for 3 days. The ACD wanted to emphasize that the sale was for the Tax Free promotion.

Version 2 - This version emphasizes Tax Free Days, but needed a little tightening up. The ACD also wanted to bring out that it was a clothing sale.

Version 3 - The final version as submitted to the client.

Sears Hometown and Outlet Stores
Email Case Study
The comps are arranged from left to right in order of completion.

Version 1 - The first version gave too much prominence to the "up to $700" callout and the CTA was a little lost at the bottom of the hero. The ACDs wanted me to reduce the callout and bring the CTA up into the area where the viewers attention would be focused.

Version 2 - The V1 edits were made, but the CTA was still a little lost and the info in the hero didn't really blend well with the product price info below the appliances.

Version 3 - The CTA and Maytag badge looked good with the cleanly separated appliances and the product offer columns were distributed better, but the "up to $700" callout needed to be tied into the main offer space.

Version 4 - The final version. By being split into two halves, this seemed to have the best balance between offer information and the appliance imagery. Also the CTA and date range are the center of the hero area for the viewers benefit.

Sears Hometown and Outlet Stores
Socials and Emails
Miscellaneous graphic assets I've produced while at PureRED

Dollar General
Socials and Web Banners

Dollar General
Email Mastheads/Heros
Becker's School Supplies
Miscellaneous Banners
Digital Design & Production Portfolio


Digital Design & Production Portfolio

A variety of ad banners and emails designed while employed as a production designer at PureRED in Atlanta, Georgia.