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    Atmospheric Light in the Patient Room.
Atmospheric light in hospitals //mood in the patient room with LED light panels
What is the idea?
Have you ever thought about the mood in patient rooms? Do you feel welcome there if you are the patient or  the visitor? Well, many patients spend a lot of time in hospitals. So this concept is esspecially for patients who spend many hours in their patient rooms. In order to make their stay in hospital more pleasant, the idea was to use the power of two high-tech LED light panels whith a customazible displayscreen!
This technique allows a very pleasant roomfeeling for the patients, and the visitors as well. 

The second important idea of the concept is to give the patients more privacy. How to get this solution of this effect the idea was by simply moving the panels with using a grip between the two panels. 
- atmospheric light in the patient room
- privacy for the patients
- slideable light panels 
- customizable displayscreen 
- two LED light panels