Shiver Me Sneakers

This is my entry to the TalentHouse competition hosted by Adidas. The brief was to use elements of Adidas to create a unique concept for their Originals line. 
You can check out my entry page with options to vote by clicking here!

Every image has a backstory-

'The good ship HMS Originals sailed to the treacherous waters off the coast of the Unfound Lands in search of all that was fresh & original. As the boat weaved in and out of Dead Man's Rocks, a giant beast of mythical proportions rose out of the depths and wrapped it's curious tentacles around the mighty galleon. This foul beast of the high seas had plundering on his mind! 

The Captain, too busy trying to impress a fare Mermaid, did not notice the commotion as the ships crew began to flee on improvised lifeboats. Would he snap out of his ogling ways and save the ship and it's Originals cargo from this towering monster of the waves? Or will the poor look-out in the crows nest be gobbled up like a mid-day Burrito?'