Pulp Fiction. INT. PAWNSHOP — DAY

Butch sneaks to the door.

On the counter is a big set of keys with a large Z connected to the ring. Grabbing them, he's about to go out when he stops and listens to the hillbilly psychopaths having their way with Marsellus.

Butch decides for the life of him, he can't leave anybody in a situation like that. So he begins rooting around the pawnshop for a weapon to bash those hillbillies' heads in with.
He picks up a big destructive-looking hammer, then discards it: Not destructive enough. He picks up a chainsaw, thinks about it for a moment, then puts it back. Next, a large Louisville slugger he tries on for size. But then he spots what he's been looking for:

A Samurai sword.

It hands in its hand-carved wood sheath from a nail on the wall, next to a neon "DAD'S OLD-FASHIONED ROOT BEER" sign.
Butch takes the sword off the wall, removing it from its sheath. It's a magnificent piece of steel. It seems to glisten in the low-wattage light of the pawnshop. Butch touches his thumb to the blade to see if the sword is just for show. Not on your life. It's as sharp as it gets. This weapon seems made to order for the Brothers Grimm downstairs. Holding the sword pointed downward, Takakura Ken-style, he disappears through the red curtains to take care of business.


Butch quietly sneaks down the stairs leading to the dungeon.

Sodomy and the Judds can still be heard going string behind the closed door that leads to Russell's old room.

Butch's hand comes into frame, pushing the door open. It swings open silently, revealing the rapists, who have switched positions.

Zed is now bent over Marsellus, who is bent over a wooden horse.

Maynard watches. Both have their backs to Butch.
Maynard faces the CAMERA, grinning, while Butch comes up behind him with the sword.

Miserable, violated, and looking like a rag doll, Marsellus, red ball gag still in mouth, opens his watery eyes to see Butch coming up behind Maynard. His eyes widen.

Hey hillbilly.

Maynard turns and sees Butch holding the sword.

Butch SCREAMS... with one mighty SWING, SLASHES Maynard across the front, moving past him, eyes and blade now locked on Zed.

Maynard stands trembling, his front sliced open, in shock.
Butch, while never taking his eyes off Zed, THRUSTS the sword behind him, SKEWERING Maynard, then EXTRACTS it, pointing the blade toward Zed. Maynard COLLAPSES.

Zed disengages from Marsellus in a hurry and his eyes go from the tip of Butch's sword to Marsellus' .45 Automatic, which lies within reach.
Butch's eyes follow Zed's.

You want that gun, Zed? Pick it up.
— Сut!

A huge old chest hid a hole to the secret room of the pawnshop's basement — Gimp's Lair.

Not long before, Rick was an inconspicuous office clerk, who was barely making ends meet and was thinking about suicide.

Poverty led him to the nearest pawnshop, where he met Maynard and Zed. It was Zed who revealed his true talent and gave Rick a new name — Gimp.
The illustration is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Quentin Tarantino's «Pulp Fiction» movie.
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Pulp Fiction. INT. PAWNSHOP — DAY

Pulp Fiction. INT. PAWNSHOP — DAY

The illustration is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Quentin Tarantino's «Pulp Fiction» movie.


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