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    Page one of a pitch I worked on with an american writer. The tone was quite tongue-in-cheek and was fun to do at the time.
I always draw a quick thumbnail to determine how I will break down the script and hopefully tell the story successfully.
The first finished pencil. The writer wanted a contrast between the chaotic and nervy mobsters on the left and the calm and in control Don on the right. I added the spilled drinks and overflowing ashtrays on the left as I felt it was a good visual device to reflect this.
There are lots of mafioso clichés around and I had fun with my own versions here. Especially the enormously- quiffed one!
The writer felt the Don looked a bit too relaxed in the first version- I chose this pose as a solution.
I went even coser for the final panel.
The final, fully- lettered page.