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McDonald's - Chili Cheese Fries launch

Create awareness and a buzz around the launch of the new Chili Cheese Fries in SA.
Sharing, as an activity, has been around forever. It’s a considered action that indicates care for, fondness of and comfort with another individual or group of people. Sharing food has always been a social ritual. So we decided to pay homage to this snacking and sharing ritual. 
The Most Snackable Snack of the Century
We used South African social media culture tactfully and created thumb-stopping content that stood out – And what better way to do that than with snackable memes? We meme-ified (free because budget) beautiful classcial art paintings and made our very own localised classical art memes centred around snacking, sharing, not sharing and topically relevant, cultural and social nuances.

*It was also the first campaign where McDonald's communicated in almost all of the 11 official languages.

Right image translation: What is this? I have Chilli Cheese Fries, I don’t have time for love letters.
Below translation: When bae just buys you flowers what does he expect you to eat?
Left image translation: I would share these chilli cheese fries with you but they are not mine, they are Bobby’s.
Each meme was curated, created and assigned according to language, content and context to the relevant McDonald’s social platforms. Facebook and instagram for the beautiful paintings and the launch phase while Twitter was reserved for the spice.
Left image translation: How you chew your chilli cheese fries in public coz people like things. Sies!
Right Image translation: They ate Chilli Cheese fries without me.
Nix is a colloquial term used in South Africa to 'claim' something as yours. This allows you to own it or eat it without sharing. 
Concept: Lauren Mitchell & Vikash Gajjar
Art Direction: Lauren Mitchell
Writers: Vikash Gajjar, Mmatshepo Mazibuko & Portia Mamosebo
Creative Director: Dani Meneghin
Agency: King James Group
Client​​​​​​​: McDonalds

Image Rights: The Getty makes available, without charge, all available digital images to which the Getty holds the rights or that are in the public domain to be used for any purpose (even commercial use). No permission, attribution or royalties are required. ​​​​​​​
McDonald's - Chili Cheese Fries launch

McDonald's - Chili Cheese Fries launch