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    This is the poster of the concert of the brass band of my city.
Poster for concert  1999 - 2013
Hamamatsu City is famous for making the various musical instruments. Many grobal campany like YAMAHA, KAWAI,and Roland is located. Also many peope in Hamamatsu have the experience to play the wind music when they were student.
Every Saturday during spring and Autumn, the wind music concert is helld in front of Hamamatsu Station. Junior high and high school, university and adult brass band in Hamamatsu join this concert a weekly special.
Our band, "Stadtkapelle Hamamatsu " is established in 1975. Now, about 90 people is belong to our band and practice once a week.
Our main concert is the regular concert. This year, it is held on June 16,2013. These are posters of the regular concert for commercial, making along with the theme of the concert every year.
And they are designed in the motif of a musical instrument...by the way, the theme of this year is "The Middle East".