LOGO collection 2017–2019

A design of logotype can be called like a little minimal illustration. 
A very minimal graphic view with a maximum meaning of its content. 

This object of graphic design is the main and the beginning of an idea of the visual identity.
What is more — the good logo has a great effect for our visual memory and is well remembered for long time.
Why because a graphic designer has to dedicate much time for its development process and be have gained a lot knowledge how to achieve the best visual view of the graphic sign. 

Character and feeling — the main aspects I prefer when I create a logo.

Finally — I decided to collect the most succeeded logos I have created since 2017 and to present them in one sequence. Each of logo was a great practice for me which combined knowledge and skills of typography, illustration, graphic design, a feeling of aesthetics and what is the most important — an unique cooperation with the customer. 

I am thankful for confidence and opportunity to realize myself in this field of graphic design.

Thank You for watching this project !   |  Ačiū !

LOGO collection 2017–2019