When this project was presented the client was simply looking for a designer to do layout. It became clear after browsing through previous annual catalogs that what this client actually needed was a total rebrand. The catalog raises money by selling ad space to corporations who help keep the school's athletic program running. This catalog is the biggest print publication that the school puts out into the community and generates the most funds/conversation. I realized that if this book could be marketed and presented correctly it could actually increase student enrollment, corporate donations, etc. So I proposed the idea to overhaul the catalog and the look of the athletic department...
This project was nothing short of a beast. I played the roll of the creative director, photographer, stylist and did all of the production grunt work. The advantage to doing every roll myself was that I could ensure the projects cohesiveness. This really helped sell the client on ideas that, from what they were used to, seemed quite risky. 
This was the first year that the catalog included women's volleyball, previously it has only showcased the mens basketball program. It was a big deal to create equality between the male/female teams and strive for unity within a sports program that has been so heavily male dominated for years. Photography played such an important role because I wanted the focus to be on the strength of the athlete, not whether they were male or female. The introduction to the catalog is key, it has an inspiring quote on the front that defines what it means to be a WRCA Warrior and opens up into a double page spread of the graduating athletes. The quote creates curiosity and outlines a WRCA athlete and within the first page flip the image supports everything that the front cover has said about them. The image sets the tone of strength, unity and discipline that is carried throughout the entire publication.
In total there are 13 different cover designs, each highlighting one of the graduating players. This was done to encourage unity within the school and it worked. When the catalog was distributed kids of all different grades were trading with eachother to get the player they wanted. Many younger students even sought out the graduates to get their catalog signed.
Overall, this catalog accomplished everything that I had hoped it would. The feedback from the community was extremely positive and the athletes felt like super stars. Can't wait for next year!

Perfect Bound
104 pages + cover
Zerox Digital Press
80lb matte coated (uncoated stock preferred)
Quantity : 400
Canon 7D
Canon 24-105mm & 10-22mm
Lowel Tota Trans Kit