Gaze The Web - Training web app
MAMEM project's goal is to integrate people afflicted with loss of voluntary muscular control, back into society by creating a platform where they can interact with a computer using their eyes and mind.

A custom web browser called Gaze The Web was created that is operated with an eye tracker through the eyes, and uses brain signals to distinguish between certain actions.

I was tasked on creating a game in the form of a web application, using Gamification and Persuasive Design techniques, that it would train users into using the platform.
My work included: Prototyping of the app, Wireframing & implementing it using the JavaScript library CreateJS.

Overview screen of the app, showing various statistics about the usage of the Gaze The web browser
Splash screen of the game - Notice the light circle which visualizes the players gaze focal point
Overview of the game's levels - Each level has specific conditions that should be met for trophies to be unlocked
Scroll level (a) - In this level the user learns how to scroll
Scroll level (b)
An example of an end level screen - The user can see if he unlocked a trophy (reward), and his past & present scores
Typing level - In this level the user learns how to type and zoom
Copy & Paste level - In this level the user learns how to copy & paste text.
Level selection screen for the Advanced levels
Gaze The Web training app

Gaze The Web training app