The Challenge
How can you make a child eat that one meal that’s so important and yet that he avoids having at all cost?  Yes, we are indeed talking about breakfast!  And given that jam is one of the most essential components of a traditional morning meal, our focus was to create with our packaging, a new, out of the box way to consume it.   

The Solution
We all know that more than anything a child loves to play. So, our main goal was to transform the usual jam eating process into an interactive activity, so instead of having him fuss about breakfast each morning, we wanted to add a twist to this daily ritual in order to make it an exciting moment that the child looks forward to rather than the time of the day that a parent dreads most.

The Result
We structured our packaging concept based on a painter’s palette. Easy to hold , with five small jars, the size of each being the recommended sugar portion of a child’s daily intake of jam. These  flavorful jams (strawberry, fig, pumpkin, peach and feijoa) act as the colorful paint that allow the imagination of our little artists run wild on a piece of canvas made out of toast and a spoon acting as a paintbrush.

The name and branding are simple and direct reflecting the fun spirited concept of the packaging design. Eating jam becomes an interactive activity, a creative art task and an exciting moment to look forward to during the day, and it’s all thanks to the power of a packaging design with an out of the box concept.


Brand Strategy Director: Stepan Avanesyan
Assistant Brand Strategist: Lusie Grigoryan
Creative Director: Stepan Azaryan
Project Manager: Meri Sargsyan
Designer: Stepan Azaryan, Gevorg Balyan
Illustrator: Mariam Stepanyan



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