Had the pleasure of illustrating my two greatest friends Jeff and Jeremy along with a good bit of light branding for their music channel, The Idiot's Lantern. Most anyone that clicks this link should be pleasantly surprised by the tunes they hear.
Please make sure to click the images (especially the character illustrations) to get a full view of their detail.
I post a lot of progress shots on dribbble if you'd like to follow along.
Logo & Illustrations
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It was a quick switch from 'theddlboys' which they ditched the name of. So we didn't have a whole lot of time. This went from concept to finish probably in 2 days or so (8 hours). The illustrations were from before. Those took a bit. We went simple, just a lantern in a style I'm comfortable with and a fun color scheme.
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The character illustrations are 100% vector (texture included) and were done a few months ago. Eventually I plan to do some animation with them. That's a little ways away, though.
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