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Just in Cyber
Just in Cyber

Just in Cyber is an agency that forms an eSports niche in Russia. Right now, it is still only a foundation of a very promising market; the company wants to make major brands present in Russian industry.

The identity is deeply emotional, the focus is shifted towards the interaction experience. Visual language is based on elements that are equal in nature; there is no logo in a conventional sense of the word — it is a graphics library that forms a variable pattern. It is a reference to visual thinking through the hieroglyphic system, a contrast of geometry, punk and traditional visual culture.
While presenting the case, we decided to support the emotionality and created a video without a single branded media in order to transmit the spirit, the core, the essence of the project.

For that project, we fixed basic principles of visual communication and elements of graphic code, created corporate lettering in english and katakana, arranged a color palette and corporate font, and designed social networks, landing pages, merchandise, and guidelines.

Erohnovich Roma, art-direction, design
Elena Kowalski (Glenjan), lettering
Ilya Klimov, 3d, motion graphics
Paul Saksin, web design
Olga Moiseeva, shape animation
Al3ne​​​​​​​, sound design

Typeface used: Euclid Flex Cyrillic, Swiss Typefaces
Just in Cyber