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    Paper city project was about communicating a concept though a 3-D format.
Carnaval De Ponce
Paper city project was about communicating a concept though a 3-D format. 

I started off my paper city concept with three major ideas: Typography, Pop Art and the Puerto Rican Culture. After 3 weeks of researching and mind mapping ideas I chose my own culture.
After choosing my culture i spend another week really researching everything about and collecting photos. This gave me a great base to start off in. I chose to represent the Puerto Rican Culture by one of the many Carnivals that happens there every year: Carnival de Ponce which celebrates the first Governor of Puerto Rico Juan Ponce de León. During the Carnival de Ponce one of the old traditions is to wear “vejigantes” which are colorful mask traditionally represent the devil or, simply, evil. Each mask has it’s own history and character. I chose each mask to represents a different culture which had influenced Puerto Rican culture to shape it into what it is today: colorful, diverse, passionate and rich in flavors. The paper city itself is a mask that you can wear, and at the same time it consists of several other masks. The cultures that the masks represent include: Africa, Spain, Taino, Caribbean, USA, South America.So all together they make the culture a whole.