Das gebaute Bild (The Constructed Picture)
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Photo Series
Das gebaute Bild
Photo Series
curated by Gerhard Vormwald
at the University of Apllied Sciences Düsseldorf 
(Fachhochschule Düsseldorf), 2011
From the Flickr Blog:
The art project "Das gebaute Bild" (The Constructed Picture), created by Flickr member linus_lohoff, was part of a photography class project at the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences where Linus studies graphics design.
"I’ve been a big fan of Erwin Wurm who transformed everyday objects into art."
It was the shift in context that fascinated Linus about this project. After some research he started having ideas of floating and disappearing everyday objects, like the banana that appears to be sinking into the ground or the shoe that has been nailed to the floor to not fly away.
"Everything is photographed and set up the way you see it."
Linus says he needed to use nylon thread to affix some of the objects which he digitally removed later-on, but apart from that, everything is photographed and set up the way you see it. "Since I wanted strong contrasts, I chose backgrounds with different colors. Everything was placed on a small table and then shot with a Nikon D80 and a flash."
"Minimum effort – maximum effect."
Linus chose his personal motto not because he’s lazy but because small changes can produce the largest effects that surprise over and over again. He also likes to try out many different things and finds it most important to always keep experimenting: "My photostream showcases many portraits, night scenes, landscapes, objects, and photograms. I also avoid being limited by technical conditions: Apart from digital cameras, I also use a variety of Polaroid , medium format, or 35 mm cameras." Linus tells us that he always learns best through experience and the process of creating his art.