Creation of an immersive piece that talks about the relationship between materiality, body and space, thought from the perspective of architecture, design and art, for Venice Design, the greatest international design exhibition held at the European Cultural Center, Palazzo Michiel, along with the Venice Biennale. We sought, in an aesthetic way, to explore the existing contrasts between the constructed and empty spaces, the immaterial and the corporeal. In this exploration, the air that fills the whole led us to the concept of Weightless Architecture. The piece is composed of a large metal frame, which represents the architectural delimitations, giving structure to the organic and winding inflatable shapes that are attached to and float around it. Such forms create interaction with the audience by inflating and deflating, as the spectator approaches, who creates empathy with them for the imitation of breathing, simulating life.

For Venice Bienalle - 2018

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Weightless Architecture – Venice Design