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    Candle sculptures "lightmen & lightwomen" by Bjørn Nørgaard for Furnism.
Candle Sculptures "lightmen & lightwomen" by Bjørn Nørgaard.

In the 1960s we wanted to remove the reflection in order to fuse art and reality. The art was to be the strength and the method that could further develop our society and our lives; reality became the art’s material.

This idea is still part of the new art, but at the same time, the art as an independent method of realisation, has to have its own laboratory. This is what we call the "work".

In contemporary art, the term "work" covers a large manifold area where the art develops new design principles independent of the ever-present ruling conditions. These design principles can work retroactively on the reality from which they originated.

Since the 1960s, I have completed a number of action, objects, installations, sculptures and public works which must be understood in this context.

Through this period I worked on a number of forms and models of realisation. One of them is the term ATYPIA, which I have used since 2004 for a number of activities, including several sculptures.

Up to and for part of the 1960s the great classic Utopias from the 17th and 18th centuries’ liberalism, capitalism, communism, fascism and derivatives of these, were still the starting point for a cultural-Darwinist faith in development. Followers imagine that one of these absolute utopias will lead to a kind of earthly paradise.

Today, we should have understood that the world is not so simply
A young woman, proud and free, full of self-esteem, at the top of the world. Everyone desires her, Madonna, sex object, but even here death is a passenger.
Man is always on the hunt for something new; must always have his macho complex verified but he is a threatened species. There is something timid about him; he is a little ridiculous with his forked beard.
Young woman, pregnant, large breasts, broad behind, throws her arms up in the air. She is the future, perhaps slightly concerned, buxom and strong but also a little disturbing.
The smug "grand citizen", the coach potato, sex, drugs, rock and roll and football. His only concerns are his pension, cheap beer from Germany and dents in his car.
The emancipated Western woman, free but eternally wronged. As a young person, extremely broad-minded, as an older person, extremely moral. She has conquered a world but nothing is good enough.
Man with a tall hat, goatee and walking stick, slightly stopped, older gentleman. He could be construed as the old capitalist who gradually begins walking with the aid of a walking stick, very current right now.