Made in Fukushima – Book, Infographics, Photography

Made in Fukushima for METER Group
Book design, documentary photography, infographics

On March 11, 2011, a tsunami hit the Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant, leading to nuclear meltdown and more than 25,000 hectares of farmland being contaminated. The ongoing official decontamination method removes the fertile yet contaminated topsoil. This produces huge amounts of radioactive waste and makes farming impossible – devastating the region once more.

A team of environmental scientists has developed a sustainable decontamination method that preserves the fertile soil. It reduces the amount of radioactive waste by 95% and enables farmers to grow perfectly safe rice again. However, even though the rice passes strictest tests, no one buys it – because the stigma is stronger than scientific truth.

To help people understand, we turned science into something tangible. Paper out of rice straw from the decontaminated fields, produced by paper makers from Fukushima and Gmund Papier. On this paper, we printed a book that tells the story of the decontamination, the farmers and their products – using photography, interviews, background information and data visualization.

CREATIVE DIRECTION & CONCEPT: Alex Schill – Chief Creative Officer, Serviceplan Group · Franz Röppischer – Creative Director, Serviceplan Innovation · Lorenz Langgartner – Creative Director, Serviceplan Innovation · Saurabh Kakade – Creative Producer, Serviceplan Innovation · Eduardo Alvarez – Art Director, Serviceplan Innovation · Carolina Soto – Junior Copywriter, Serviceplan Innovation
PHOTOGRAPHY & CONCEPT: Nick Frank – Photographer
DESIGN: Maximilian Heitsch – Creative Director, Moby Digg · Gabriela Baka – Lead Designer, Moby Digg · Sebastian Haiss – Information Designer, Moby Digg · Ricardo Abbaszadeh – Designer, Moby Digg
CLIENT: Dr. Colin Campbell – VP Environment, METER Group · Christian Hertel – VP Marketing, METER Group · Scott Campbell – CEO, METER Group · Kirsten Ralph – Marketing Manager, METER Group · Julia Mumford – Marketing Manager, METER Group · Kersten Campbell – Marketing, METER Group · Dr. Masaru Mizoguchi – Head of Global Agricultural Sciences, The University of Tokyo · Yoichi Tao – President, Fukushima Saisei
PRODUCTION: Robert Kaminski – Head of Print Production, Serviceplan Solutions · Quentin Lichtblau – Writer, Freelance · Johannes Maierbacher – Editor, Albert Coon · Andreas Wolf – DoP, Albert Coon · Rumi Tominaga – Producer, Freelance · Ivan Kovac – Cinematographer, Freelance · Yuta Matthew Kato – Producer, SAS - Shoot in Japan

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Made in Fukushima – Book, Infographics, Photography
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