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    - One Couple. One Interview. One App

    In my graduation project at the university of applied sciences / Düsseldorf I created an iPad-Magazine. The concept was to interview one couple and introduce them in an iPad application. 

    PAAR magazine is an iPad-App about couples. PAAR wants to portray people who found each other as a pair. Lovers, artists, friendship pairs or twins - PAAR explores people who find their happiness as a couple. Or at least try. Who want something that their lives can not provide alone.

    The first pair of our series are Melanie and Lucas. He was not even 15 years old when he met Melanie who is two years older. She was just planning to go for an abroad year to america and was actually not ready for a relationship. Nevertheless, the two become 
    lovers. This was six years ago …

    "Childhood sweetheart", really great romance or a rookie mistake? How is it possible, in a phase of life in which you have first of all to find yourself, to survive as a couple? To grow together, rather than 
    to live apart? How to maintain the "Being of a couple" when the other knows you by heart and life is offering you a variety of alternative Concepts? Is there a secret recipe?

    PAAR magazine have searched for answers in an interview with melanie and Lucas. And have found some…