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Candy Diary Wheel
My pet project that I developed (code&design) in my job hunting period.
This is roulette wheel with 8 random actions. After doing an action user get candies and actions appears as diary entries. Developed with VueJS cli.
Smiling exercise made of 3 animated steps. Used After Effect to create animation and Lottie to bring it on web app.
Asking user random question, about dogs, cats, love, god, aliens, etc. Answers are added to the diary.
After photo is uploaded, user needs to confirm it. All photos are stored on user device local storage, so user shouldn't be worried about their privacy.
There is array of 15 funniest commercial ads. Each time random ad is shown.
Finally users can write something! Something smart, stupid, meaningful or just funny :)
What all we used school diaries for? Right, drawing! Draw a cat, dog, alien, house, apple, banana, moon, sun, and many more!
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Making of process
UX improvements based on data analysis and user feedbacks

Candy Diary Wheel

Candy Diary Wheel

Wheel of Diary - Online Service that will document most boring moments of your life!