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    Restyling contest of Mantignana bank Headquarter. 1st prize. Competition promoter: Mantignana C.C. Bank (PG) - Italy.
The contest was about a bank in a small town near Perugia, Mantignana. We were asked to modify the facade of the building without changing the structure. Taking into account this restriction, I thought about an external element which would “alter” the current nature of the project: the butterfly. The butterfly goes through a transformapltion process in its life and this is the objective of the project. A process that can take the building at the final stage of development.

The restyling project is made by panels of weathering steels COR-TEN. All the panels are fixed to a steel
structure that is linked to the original building, dating to 1970.The concept idea is to create a kind of facade
that it can be changed during the day by the sunlight. In accordance with the request of the owners to
create an headquarters immediately recognizable.