NBA Uniform Refresh
changed the primary color scheme to red, baby blue, and white. city & earned uniforms use throwback design w/ a slightly changed aesthetic. 
a few new city & earned uniforms. didn't want to mess w/ the celtics' legendary branding.
home uniforms have new script wordmark. away uniforms have classic brooklyn wordmark (tribute to the brooklyn dodgers). city uniform slightly changed to include new brooklyn wordmark. city and earned uniforms are throwbacks w/ the nets' current color scheme and new nets wordmark.
throwback aesthetic w/ the pinstripes w/ the current wordmark and number font. city uniform includes subtle honeycomb pattern up the jersey.
city and earned uniforms includes chicago city flag + pinstripes (city) to pay homage to the 1996 + 1997 bulls championship teams w/ a baby blue finish. third jersey is the famed bulls black uniform w/ pinstripes.
inspired by 2018/19 cavaliers city and earned uniforms, i decided to create a few more colorways using the cavs' primary colors & a throwback color scheme.
changed the color scheme to green, navy, and white. script “dallas” wordmark for association + icon jerseys. statement jersey is light blue w/ “mavericks” wordmark. city + earned uniforms are revisions from my july 2018 mavs project
association, icon, and statement uniforms include new wordmark, number font, and the three stripes w/ the nuggets' mountain logo. 
two classic uniforms w/ an updated aesthetic.

all throwbacks. three uniforms w/ the pistons' current color scheme & the teal uniform on the updated nike template.
used the newly released primary + city wordmarks. new number font. icon uniform is now gold. statement is blue. city uniform inspired by 2017/18 city jersey w/ updated wordmark and color scheme. earned uniform is a chinese new year color scheme.
steph curry in the city concept.
first two are classic uniforms on the updated nike template. second two are inspired by the houston astros' tequila sunrise uniforms.
gold flo jo / earned & city uniforms w/ checkerboard side paneling, state outline, and racing stripe in the middle.
throwbacks on the updated nike template.
throwbacks w/ the pacers' current color scheme.
changed the color scheme to the buffalo braves -> orange and baby blue. inspired by city uniform from 2017/18 season. LA wordmark inspired by 2018/19 city uniform, simplified. side paneling is waves w/ two meanings: one to represent the clippers' team meaning & audio waves which represent LA's presence in the music industry.
returns to the vancouver grizzlies' color scheme w/ updated wordmark and new number font. city and earned uniforms use the memphis redbirds' wordmark - inspired by memphis' importance in the music community.
fully integrated the miami vice theme w/ a retro number font from the heat's 90s uniforms & a classic uniform.
new statement uniform. city and earned uniforms w/ bucks' secondary logo and stripes across the front. classic uniform from the 73/74 season w/ updated color scheme and aesthetic.
kept the same aesthetic from the timberwolves' current uniforms, but instead of stripes, added the trees to pay homage to the kevin garnett era. city uniform is northern lights-inspired.
changed the primary wordmark to "nola" from the secondary logo. added wings on the side paneling. statement uniform is saints' inspired since the team is owned by the bensons. city uniform uses new orleans hornets' secondary wordmark w/ mardi gras color scheme. classic uniform using the secondary wordmark.
three more uniforms w/ hornets' secondary wordmark w/ pelicans' current color scheme.
city & earned concepts: inspired by the new york subway tiles. three uniforms use the tiles as side paneling: two w/ knicks' old secondary wordmark & one w/ current wordmark. other two uniforms use the tiles up the uniform w/ only the number present.
fully integrated the thunders' city uniforms from the 2018/19 season w/ new colorways. i tried to create a "thunder" wordmark that resembles the "okc" wordmark. city uniform inspired by "loud city" w/ lightning bolt side paneling.
added a star in the magic's current wordmark to pay homage to the shaq / penny era. statement is magic's black throwback uniform. city and earned uniforms are juice themed: has been rumored that the magic will use this theme for their city and earned uniforms in the 19/20 season.
allen iverson era uniforms w/ updated aesthetic and color scheme.
three new uniforms / two throwbacks: new uniforms use arizona state flag as side paneling w/ a simplified wordmark and new number font.
city & earned uniforms: pdx uniforms include pdx airport carpet pattern on the collar and sleeves. portland is known as the "city of roses," so i created a rosecity uniform that has the same aesthetic as the ripcity uniform.
new primary wordmark. statement uniform uses kings' script logo. city & earned uniforms use a tower bridge illustration as the side paneling.
same uniforms in red / blue color scheme.
two throwback uniforms. a new red throwback-inspired uniform. new city uniform that uses the jagged pinstripes w/ the raptors' current wordmark and number font.
raptors x ovo: two throwback-inspred unis w/ ovo color scheme. blackout uniform on the end. city uniform w/ jagged pinstripes w/ ovo color scheme.
changed the jazz' color scheme to the 80s color scheme. city uniform uses simplified mountain logo (inspired by the 90s) with three stripes.
first uniform: usmnt x wizards concept for the fourth of july. three throwback uniforms: two bullets uniforms on the updated nike template and a throwback-inspired black uniform from the early 2000s era.
NBA Uniform Refresh

NBA Uniform Refresh

Uniform refresh for the entire NBA. Uniform concepts for each NBA team: ranging from entirely new uniforms, new colorways, remastered classics, a Read More


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