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Ber Sardi Estúdio | Brand Identity

"I don't want a corporate identity, I don't like the word 
corporate. My company's name is my nickname."

-Ber Sardi

In every project we take on, we have one simple goal: help the client solve a problem through design.
Usually that problem is related to the business itself, so it came as a surprise when during our initial talk with Ber we learned that he didn’t wish to charge more, or get more clients, or up his visibility in the market, or target a different type of client. They were doing just fine. Too good in fact. They had as many clients coming in as they could handle.
So our question was: “Then, why do you need our services?”.
The answer was much simpler.

what we did
Brand Identity/ Web Design/ Motion​​​​​​​

Londrina, Brazil

Creative Direction - Gabriel Macohin        Design - Gabriel Macohin/ Paulo Doi
Motion Design/ Video - Paulo Doi        Additional Footage - Cafeteria Filmes  
Photography - Ber Sardi        Programming - Micael Liberato/ Leonel S. Jr./ Mario H. Adaniya  
Copywriting - Simone Semprebon/ Paulo Doi

Ber Sardi Estúdio is a photography studio run by... well, Ber Sardi.
Even though he is one of the most well-known photographers locally, with a portfolio filled with amazing 
projects from fashion, to food photography, to beauty and stills, he is actually a graphic design graduate, and it shows.
He loves design. You can tell after spending only a few minutes with him.
And when it came down to it, all he wanted was an identity for his studio that he would be proud of.
Something that someone with his references and inspirations would be happy calling their own.
As designers, we get that.
So we went to work.

The identity that was staring 
us in the face.

On this project, we didn’t want to create a logo, but highlight a mark Ber already had and just didn’t realise.
We noticed that he would mark his equipment with a yellow tape. According to him this prevents his equipment getting lost or mixed up with other’s.
Also, he sees it as a splash of color in the otherwise monochrome tones of photography gear.

That was our jumping off point and from that, we developed an identity system comprised of four main elements: the name, written in the classic Helvetica Neue (a favorite of Ber’s), without any changes or additions to the type, but with many different lockups; the yellow coming from the tape; the shape of the tape itself; and the tone of voice, which we adjusted to be more like Ber’s personal tone.

Helvetica Neue

Using Helvetica for the whole identity not only grounds it in the classic design heritage Ber loves, but it also keeps the 
brand fresh and modern bringing a more serious tone, counter balancing the laid-back tone Ber has. 


We see a website as a great way to exercise the possibilities of an identity design. It is a vertical slice containing all the main brand elements, from the look and feel to the tone of voice. Plus, it allows the brand to stretch its legs with other important elements like motion and interactivity.
For Ber Sardi’s website in particular, the focus was to showcase his work in a portfolio format while also using it to get his personality across to anybody that sees it.

Instead of an “About” page full of text, we produced a short video about the studio.
The video focuses on Ber Sardi as a person and artist more than functioning as a reel of his work.
Little details like the Contact page pulling the user's name as they type it into the contact form brings Ber’s friendliness to the web experience.
We also used the tape motif throughout the website in transitional animations and interactions.

The website won Honorable Mention on Awwwards and Special Kudos and awards on 
Innovation, UI and UX Design on CSS Desing Awards.  

The mobile version of the website won the Mobile Excellence award from Awwwards.
You can check the project on their gallery here.

Ber Sardi Estúdio | Brand Identity

Ber Sardi Estúdio | Brand Identity

Brand Identity and website created for Ber Sardi Estúdio.