It’s difficult to plot the exact moment in time when the Airpods went from tech accessories to a fashion statement and status symbol. The ridicule was replaced by mass-acceptance so fast it’s almost impossible to know when or how it happened, but the Airpods successfully managed to become the Apple-user’s fashion statement. OnePlus Bullet V3 truly wireless earphones attempt something similar for the Asian brand.

Rather than be confined in a case, where they hide from view, these conceptual earphones sit around your neck, magnetically attached to a chain, giving the earbuds a more fashion-forward approach in a rather direct sense (almost looking like pendants or dog-tags). Each earphone comes with its own sleeve that covers the silicone tip, preventing it from falling off or worse, getting dirty… and as the earphones get charged while they sit on the neck-chain, they act as an intersection between tech and ornamentation, making them perhaps the most ultimate tech-fashion statement ever!
The first attempt of developing a  wireless charger was aimed in the direction of what the brand would do. If they were to produce the earphones. And so a more familiar design was chosen for it.
Charger 2 was developed to suit the initial concept. The beaded necklace is used to represent the Asian origin of the brand and the majority of their users. The earphones charge as they rest around the users neck.
Here' an example of the packaging. Again, more towards what the brand would go for.
Oneplus Bullets V3