Solvent - Making Cannabis Banking Open

Motion Graphics
It’s one of the eye-opening projects we were very glad to work on. The client from the US - Solvent - reached out to us with a very interesting project related to cannabis and it’s commercial aspects. Cannabis Business doesn’t mean selling marijuana on the streets. For many people facing neurological disorders like epilepsy, cannabis is a cure. Business owners in the US who want to deliver this cure legally, quite often have to deal with obstacles like inefficient banking services. Solvent provides banking solutions that make running CRB much easier. 

We were happy to see that Solvent team understood and shared the importance of paying special attention to meaningful storytelling and beautiful designs .They knew what they wanted but at the same time they left us a lot of creative freedom.

Our goal was:
- to work with the client on the VO script
- to create a concept for the story that outlines the problem of the legal status of cannabis    in the US and presents a solution for CRB owners
- to come up with friendly-looking design and distinctive creative direction
Client: Solvent Holdings Corporation
Production: BluBlu Studios
Script: Solvent, Jarek Nowak
Executive Producer: Jarek Nowak
Creative direction: Monika Kurek
Art direction: Jagoda Klaczyńska
Animation & Illustration: Natalia Krajewska, Jagoda Klaczyńska, Magdalena Koźlicka, Weronika Harla, Miłosz Kokociński, Filip Barankiewicz, Grzegorz Janista, Sybilla Kuczniak, Paulina Ziółkowska, Maciej Piotrowski
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Solvent - Making Cannabis Banking Open