2019 Australian Institute of Professional Photography Awards

EDM: Electronic Dog Music
When I saw Chester the Scottish Terrier’s fringe swept over one eye with a pretentious gaze from the other I knew he was better than me! 
Meet Chester the Hipster DJ. He is putting the "woof woof" back in the "doof doof". Boasting an eclectic array of self captured samples, DJ Chester's 100% analog sound is a breath of fresh air in a scene full of pretentious house DJs spinning tracks off their iPods...
When Will I Be Famous?
A red carpet is a symbol of glamour, fame and success.
As a generation of pups we are told we can be anything we want to be in this world.
So now we ask "When will I be famous?"

Frankie the Frenchie is the star of “When Will I be Famous”. Whilst this is composited image, Frankies gown, tie and top hat are all in camera. This outfit was custom made for Frankie as a replica of the outfit Billy Porter wore to the Oscars in 2019. The outfit was designed as a statement about
gender normality with the actor saying “We’ve gotten past a problem with women wearing pants.

When women wear pants it’s powerful,” he said. “When men wear a dress it’s disgusting. We’re not
doing that anymore. I’m not doing it.”

Whilst this image is intended to make comment on our lust for attention and fame (with a slight joke
about the insta-pooch world), I love that we were able to include a reference to a public figure using
their celebrity for good and to spread a message of equality.

The life expectancy of a greyhound is 12-14 years.
Less than 10% of greyhounds born into the racing industry are lucky enough to make it to retirement.
The majority of dogs die before the age of 5.

When I saw Miss Patches the greyhound sploot on the floor with a thousand yard stare straight
down the barrel of the lens I felt her tell me what a life she has led and it’s now time for rest.

The Queen's Corgi
When I saw the drool from Kiwi the corgi's tongue with his cheeky grin I saw a spoilt hungry boy, so I
gave him a bone.
2019 APPA Entries

2019 APPA Entries