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    A porcelain and oak coffee tasting program.
The Variety Ceramic Set is a coffee tasting program made to be used to passively educate customers about the array of flavors capable in a cup of coffee.  The set allows the customer to have a comparative experience with three different cups of coffee and a glass of water to cleanse the pallate.  The program is made to be infinitely adjustable by the cafe.  The program can be adjusted to highlight coffee processing types, different cultivars, brewing methods, etc. 
Each set comes with 4 coasters; three for denoting the type of coffee and one for water.  The coasters and tasting cups. fit into the CNCed oak tray.  An information card is also included to give the customer some simple questions to think about while doing the tasting.  The whole set isn't as much to throw big words and complicated concepts at the customer but to be thought provoking and start a diologue between the customer and barista/educator.