Dudzik — ice cream store


The Client 🍦
The Dudzik family approached us to carry out a brand design project for a place that exists — and thrives — from the 70’s. 
They wanted us to come up with a name, design a logo and all the other elements of the identity for their ice cream store.

The Challenge
From the very beginning we knew, that creating a new identity for a place that already exists, and is loved by everyone will be quite a challenge. We understood their need to adjust their ice cream store to the modern standards — after many years of operating, the place needed a refurbishment, and the lack of a brand made it hard to function in the new media, which is a crucial tool in communicating with the client nowadays. We also knew that in this particular project the analysis and strategy building should be swapped with emotions and subjective feelings.
Also, that the project will be good and serving its purpose only when it’s approved by the whole family.

The Response
At first, we decided the place should bear the name of the family. This was a very important element of the message — after all, people have been going to Dobczyce for the Dudzik ice cream for years. 
We’ve designed two versions of the logo — a simple one, with just the name; the other reminding about the ice cream store establishment date. We wanted to make sure, that everyone would recognise the ice cream they know and love for years, despite the visual identity change. In the visual identity we used the ice cream colours: pistachio, blueberry, and raspberry; white and dark green. We wanted the colours to match the ice cream — in pastel colours, made from natural ingredients.
All of the projects were printed out on natural, mate paper coloured in mass and cotton, so that the clients enjoy being surrounded by our identity elements.

We designed a logo, business cards, reward cards, 2 materials, out of which aprons and pillow cases for the guests, labels with the ice cream flavours, a stamp, stickers, ice cream cups, neon sign, signboard, and some elements of the interior decor.

Design and production of the bench and wooden structure by Michal Kowalczuk
Photography by Oni Studio + Halo Creative Studio

Dudzik — ice cream store
Multiple Owners
Halo creative studio