Architects: Tatyana Dmytrenko , Vitaliy Dorokhov
Category: apartment
Location:  Kyiv
Status: realized in 2019
Area: 90 м2
Photographer: Vitalii Dorokhov

The area of ​​this apartment is 90 square meters. The plan is dominated by an elongated corridor of complicated geometry. The rooms are strung on this centerline.
Architects Tatyana Dmitrenko and Vitaliy Dorokhov (STUDIO 68-32) decided to make maximum use of the design features of space in the organization of zoning. The large-scale corridor is part of the home engraving gallery leading the inhabitants into a spacious common area, the kitchen-dining room combining the functions of the living room.
As in the rest of the rooms, it is perfectly sustained
balance in the ratio of light neutral and saturated
juicy tones: Custom-made white
the kitchen perfectly emphasizes the color scheme of the dining room and works as a background for a soft group in velvet of a shade of a sea wave. A balanced approach to furniture and the delicate work of decorators deserve special attention.
In the dining area, the main dominant is the dining table
(Theodore Alexander) surrounded by chairs
a shade of walnut with luxurious silk upholstery and light airy carvings on the backs in the taste of Queen Anne. Here exquisite ornamental wallpapers are beaten as well as possible.
with floral oriental motif. Central place
occupies a service cabinet with a collection of antique porcelain. The composition demonstrates the aesthetics of space and closes it on the functional component. The eastern synthetics of the zone are sharply emphasized by the collection of antique trays.
Aesthetically and functionally impeccable spacious
the kitchen supports the basic idea of ​​the interior. White
furniture looks advantageous against the background of patterned wallpaper.
Majestic and at the same time restrained master
the bedroom is cozy and intimate. Here wallpaper (Thibaut) imitate
luxurious french silk that
centuries ago, it was made in Cordoba. And serve
Great backdrop for the bed. A good addition is an aristocratic brass chandelier (Visual Comfort) brought from China in the chinoiserie style and an elegant antique French-style chest of drawers, tinted in black, with a marble countertop.
We find a different mood in the children's room, light
and airy, but not without a classic charm.
Of particular pleasure is its monochrome, in no way contrary to function. Everything breathes here
France of the Boucher and Watteau era.
Living space created by STUDIO architects
68-32, filled with reminiscences and allusions, but with
This is why its aesthetics are easy to perceive, and the functionality
subordinated to comfort and coziness - to the best of the human person.
This is a great example of a balanced and aesthetically pleasing
accurate interior. The interior is timeless, but with its own
special appearance.