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    Exhibition in Ya Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine) 8-22 april 2013
The project Grain Memory exists in several dimensions, but in all its aspects it appeals to working with cultural memory – lost, renewed, just acquired.
From a formal perspective, it is a project-dialogue between the graphic matrix of printing that carries certain information for replication, while simultaneously existing as a full-fledged artistic object – and sheets that are printed from it, adopting a part of its memory. Sheets that become autonomous memory carriers and possess a potential to transfer information to other objects.
On the other hand, this project is a kind of a dedication to people who created our cultural memory, became parts of the print matrix, but for some artificial reasons their art hasn’t “sprouted” in our country to the fullest. In this respect, taking prints from the graphical forms is working with memory that exists in us as grains that have a potential to grow, blossom and give fruit. On a condition of us working on it – on a condition of creating our own memory.