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    Comic strips for "A Day in History" last page; commissioned by Russky Reporter business weekly magazine; 2011 - 1012
1. Cold War Tension Episode
2. The Story of Thomas Edison
3. The History of Computer Mouse
4. The History of the Modern Olympig Games
5. The Liberal Democratic Party of Russia Jubilee
6. Story of February the 29th, the St. Oswald's Day
7. The History of Serfdom in Russia
8. The Story of Fyodor Blinov, a 19th century self-taught inventor and engineer
9. The History of Women's Bra
10. Battle of Jericho
11. The History of Levi's Business
12. The Story of USSR vs USA Sputnik Rivalries
13. The Story of the capturing of Otto Adolf Eichmann, a nazi criminal