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    Design & decor for kid's playroom in the restaurant Biblioteka in Saint-Petersburg.
I was asked to create design and decor for kid's playroom in the restaurant Biblioteka in Saint-Petersburg. 
The task was to make a space, where parents could leave their children while eating. 
Getting to the project I felt a great responsibility, because it is a big public space for different kids and all they see, do and learn in this room will affect their taste, the development and the future. 
I created the concept of the room, made sketches, produced supervision, painted the walls, made soft toys and decoration.
By the end we've got a magic world, called Вивидом (Wivy home) with it's main character - Wivy the cloud. Wivy lives there with lot of his friends: Princess worm, Chewing gum, Dragon, Strawberry and others. In this land the impossible is possible: kids can jump under a rainbow in the sky among the clouds, climb into the hollow of a real tree and slide down hill from there, paint on the huge coloring wall.
Area of the room is 35 m2. There is a soft zone with blue carpet imitating the sky, lot of cloud-pillows, a rainbow running along the walls and ceiling. The tree that plays roll of a children's slide was brought out of the woods. It was already dead and dry. It was treated with special materials and got hollow inside, to make the construction light and safe. There is creativity space for art and workshops that will be held weekly. All the furniture in this area was purchased, except for the wall shelves that were made in my design. Coloring wall imitates huge iron board, on which you can draw with markers and then wipe them with a cloth. The highlight is that you can remove all but my drawing, because of tricky combination of inks, varnishes and paints. I invented this technology, studying the properties of paints and markers, and quite honestly didn't get it well done right from the first time. Poof caterpillar is sewn by my sketch. It is 3 meters in length, smiling and made of synthetic leather.
It was very interesting to work on this project, because I had the opportunity to realize a lot of ideas.
Restaurant Biblioteka - http://www.facebook.com/ilovenevsky
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