A smart gallery consisting of a smart interface designed to streamline the tasks involved in hanging a show and strives to marry both traditional and multimedia work.
The overall aesthetic experience remains fairly minimal. The user is meant to navigate the system with ease and have access to features such as a calendar for events taking place in the gallery, an archive of the work available for display, and other miscellaneous options to optimize control of the space.
This interface consists of both a desk and wall component that can function interchangeably with live updates shown automatically to the user.
This archive feature allows the user to access all the work available for the show. With common interactions such as hold and drag, the user can place items on the walls shown above. These will be made accessible upon upload from both the table component and the wall. Features such as size are available for digital art as well as spacing in between pieces and distance from the floor or ceiling.
After each show, a statistics page includes information on the most "successful" pieces—or pieces with the most interaction. Views can be gathered from technology in the wall that recognizes movements in front of the piece.
With this technology, the interaction between man and art can evolve again and deliver an experience that’s completely new. GalleryNU.