UX Design strategy and goals for MyAgriGuru 3.0 app
UX Design strategy and goals for MyAgriGuru 3.0 application

MyAgriGuru is one of the leading and best Agriculture apps in India and open platform for farmers and agri-experts. Since, MyAgriGuru 2.0 have gained a great moment in Industry and with the digitization of farmers. MyAgriGuru now wants to introduce the Agri Chatbot, make the application more user friendly and optimize the engagement, experience, interaction and make a fluid flow for farmers.

From day first, I have studied and doing analysis on current flow, structure and strategies. I’m exploring the achievements and failures with MyAgriGuru 2.0 and making a better platform for MyAgriGuru 3.0. Working on this, i have created a list for my goals and ToDo. Sharing the Design Strategy planing and implementation process.

With these features and new concept, MyAgriGuru is going to launch MyAgriGuru 3.0.

My ToDo list for making this awesome:
1. Understanding business requirement
2. User Research and making persona
3. Creating flow for business process
4. Creating business layers and user layers
5. Wire-framing for user module
6. Extracting real field data and crafting UI
7. Enhancing User Experience
8. Interlinking modules
9. Fluid navigation experience
10. Simplifying and Optimizing views
11. Repeating process for more success

Process and Route followed for my ToDo check-list

💎 Understanding business requirement:
Business requirement is to present a simpler application for farmers of India, keeping in mind the language support and demography. Business have 4 primary focus to launch this product.

⭐️ What’s new in MyAgriGuru 3.0.
MyAgriGuru in a new Avtar with simpler UI and advanced features:
Crop Doctor: Diagnostic instant solutions through Image Recognition feature
Crop Expert: India’s 1st Agri-Advisory Chat Bot
Agri Discussion: One-to-one real time discussion platform between farmers & agri-experts
Tip-of-the-Day: Daily Crop and Season specific Actionable Advisory
Agri Knowledge: Comprehensive information for cultivating crops
15 days Weather Forecast: Agro-met advisory powered by location based Forecast.

⛳️ User Research and making persona:
Now after having research insights creating persona, cases and linking them together. I have few things common at end, the Farmers throughout India are having some extent of problems with digital platforms and their flow. Strategy prepared for first iteration Checkout my research done article.

Since I have 13 critical pain point for initial phase, going with them I have classified process with Design phase strategies and implementation cycle.

📝 Creating flow for business process:
This is the most typical part to create logic layer for Business and Users. Whole process revolves around access and rights for different roles. I have crafted different screens as per requirement and access levels. Checkout in detail.

⛓ Wire-framing for user module:
Logically creating flow for user journey, how he feel and what he thinks while exploring app. As our product is for Farmers base, so we need a more clean and easy navigation for better experience. While wire-framing, i was taking a [checklist of my interaction with farmers earlier]. The whole process revolves around accessibility.

🎯 Extracting real field data and crafting UI:
During our visits to farmers I have taken images, notes, interviews with them and there was a touch and feel which makes farmers more happy with that color, feel, views, icons and list of things.

I have taken a random example with them for 2 samples, one farmer said, “they prefer lists than paragraphs and line-height also created impact on that”. This makes “real user experience”, although we have studied lot about line-height, but how it impacts that research proven.

Another farmer said, the buttons & CTA’s must be larger and darker, because click action varies from device to device for farmers. Here the padding and spacing logic proven.

👓 Enhancing User Experience:
As the user is farmer, he might have user less application earlier or maybe more. But, how our app creates impact over them is main task. Engaging farmer, increasing his session, views and app activity time. For this, I have done some flavors on screens and pages to make an impression.

Engagement by topics (crops), personalized views, tread suggestions and tailored recommended posts, ask to expert, TOD (Tip of Day), Re-share and pin to profile, make library. These are interlinked and together enhancing user engagement on application.
🔗 Interlinking modules:
Since, we have four primary features and 3 secondary features, linking them and presenting on home with priority and engagement is also challenging. Navigating user from Agri Discussion to Agri knowledge and Crop expert to Agri Discussion with some recommended posts.

⌛️ Fluid navigation experience:
Websites and applications have different screen sizes and handling. Handling devices with hand and operating/scrolling/actions with thumb and few fingers make it difficult to create good experience. I’m working on the flows for good and fluid experience, reducing the limitation of actions performed and frequency of actions required.

⚖️ Simplifying and Optimizing views:
As first variation varies with final variation, my end target is to hit the best interface and usability for every user. This area continues even after release of application. A good Product Designer always keep track of Analytics, Crashlytics, Events, History, Devices compatibility and Versions issues, I’m working on these to make this more better. (One of the rarest thing happened with Realme devices, even Pinterest, PhonePe, Paytm have faced some problems on these devices)

⏱ Repeating process for more success:
With internal release & UAT release, exploring the way to improve interactions, user experience and usability. Process takes a loop to create a stable PlayStore release. Working here directly on the Design trends and Android trends to make more user friendly.

With this Design Strategy the MyAgriGuru 3.0 implemented and developed with new avatar and still the minor updates, User Experience improvements, reducing crash rates and dropouts with UX is ongoing. Current application is available on PlayStore.

Information Architecture crafted as per the research and the study
Design Strategy and the sorting process:
Product Design:
At the end Product is designed like this, sharing a set of screens.
UX Design strategy and goals for MyAgriGuru 3.0 app

UX Design strategy and goals for MyAgriGuru 3.0 app

UX Design strategy and goals for MyAgriGuru 3.0 application. Product Designed with more user friendly interface, optimization, engagement, exper Read More


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