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No.82  Curating Design  |  設計策展

Curation can be distant for many designers. Moreover, the system of curating design has not yet completely and maturely formed, and it seems to be a little too early to discuss this subject. The reason why Design 360° sets it as the theme of this issue is that we hope people can notice the influences and significance that curating design brings to the industry. Curating design is much more than just curating one exhibition; it is a way and action to reflect on the present situation and generate consciousness. It puts design in a larger context and observes how design affects people’s life from the perspectives of culture, technology, society, economy, etc. Different from commercial projects, through curating — a way that connects concepts and physicality, designers can set their imagination free. Therefore, curating design can help break people’s stereotype towards design. Through the discussion of this topic, editors hope to enhance the awareness of the necessity of curating design together with readers.

策展對很多設計師而言,可能是一件比較遙遠的事情。在其系统性尚未成熟的当下,談論設計策展仿似有點言之尚早。但Design 360°之所以选定策展为本期主題,则是希望人們能关注設計策展帶給設計行業不容忽視的影響和深远的意義。設計策展遠遠不只是策劃一場展覽,更是一種思考當下及產生認知的方式與行動。它將設計置於更广阔的語境下觀察,透過文化、科技、社會、經濟等視角去看設計是如何影響人們的生活。有別于日常的商業項目,通過展覽這種串聯觀念與實體的實踐方式,让設計師們大膽創想,由此,設計策展的內容往往突破人們對設計的日常想象。藉著這期雜誌主題的討論,編者期望能與讀者一同認識設計策展之必要。

book i  Lab 實驗場

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book ii  Trail 行跡  |  Design in Budapest  布達佩斯設計行

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book iii  Force 原力  |  Curating Design  設計策展

Curators’ Experiments 策展人實驗

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Academic Vision 學術視野

- 央美“當代設計策展”課程(Curating Contemporary Design Course, CAFA)

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180° Feature  專題  |  Design Rising in Southeast Asia  亞洲東南角的設計演繹

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270° Exchange  交流  |  D&AD 2019

- Tim Lindsay — CEO of D&AD  D&AD首席執行官
- Donal Keenan — Awards Director of D&AD  D&AD獎項總監
- Kotoko Koya — Regional Manager for Japan and Singapore of D&AD  D&AD日本與新加坡區域經理
- Debbie Millman — Branding Jury President  品牌類別評審主席
- Sagi Haviv — Graphic Design Jury President  平面設計類別評審主席
- 王彥鎧(Akae Wang) — Winner of Yellow Pencil in Digital Design Category  數字設計類別黃鉛筆得獎者
- 壹正企劃(One Plus Partnership) — Winner of Graphite Pencil in Spatial Design Category  空間設計類別石墨鉛筆得獎者
- 窪田新(Arata Kubota) — Winner of Yellow Pencil in Illustration Category  插畫類別黃鉛筆得獎者

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315° Voice  發聲

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Publication Info

Chief Editor & Design Director: Joshua Wang
主編及設計總監:Joshua Wang

Associate Chief Editor: Hyde Ou

Editorial Consultants: Xiao Yong / Chen Nan / Javin Mo / Jiang Hua / Hei Yiyang
編輯顧問:肖勇 / 陳楠 / 毛灼然 / 蔣華 / 黑一烊

Design Assistants: Antiny Wu / Human Mar
設計助理:吳燕婷 / 麥曉雯

Coordinator & Flowcharting: Yuer Bi

Editors: Lauren Luo / Yuer Bi / Yeeman Lin / Leslie Z / Forest Xiang / Margaret Liew
編輯:羅咏詩 / 畢玉兒 / 林怡雯 / 張湉加 / 項文俊 / 廖文青


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Design 360° Magazine No.82 Curating Design

Design 360° Magazine No.82 Curating Design

Curation can be distant for many designers. Moreover, the system of curating design has not yet completely and maturely formed, and it seems to b Read More