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Aaron is a SALES TRAINING GENIUS. He’s personally helped me overcome some of my own limiting mindsets and walls. He has spoken on hundreds of podcasts, written articles for major publications and trains individuals and groups through his thorough online training platform.

Aaron invested in the Legend Plus Package and we began the process of totally rebranding everything related to Aaron Janx and his sales training offerings. We started by doing an honest and frank brand audit. We looked at where he was and then came up with a game-plan to get him to the next level.
The Brand Journey
This was a TOTAL REBRAND project. We started by doing an honest and frank brand audit. We looked at where he was and then came up with a game-plan to get him to the next level.

The logo is based on his handwriting. It needed to have a personal rawness to it that reflected the new direction for the brand and to accurately mirror WHO Aaron was. It perfectly captures the brand “Aaron Janx” in a memorable and iconic way.

The website became his primary platform for all he does. Bringing in all the different pages and sites that existed and making this the home to all things Janx. It needed to be a great looking website that encompassed the brands energy and freshness AND also be created in a way that his team could easily manage and update.

Once we had the BRAND VISUALS in place we pushed it out across everything. Including branding his SHOPIFY store.

Janx Training Branding
With a new brand came a new tool for SALES TRAINING.

The Janx Training Institute has comprehensive training for individuals and teams. With over 1000 VIDEOS and certification, it will quickly become a vital tools for sales teams, coaches and businesses everywhere.

Aaron needed a contemporary logo that would feel both modern and official. Once we had that, we themed the online system with the new Aaron Janx brand.

Take a look at it, it might be what you and your team need to get to the next level.

Book Titling and Design
Aaron Janx has about a dozen books in him! Here’s his first.

We worked together to come up with not only a unique book cover that would stand out in the sales, motivation and leadership space, but we also spent a lot of time going through dozens of potential book titles.

We finally came up with a title and look that would inform his brand in message and visuals moving forward.
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Project Deliverables
• Brand Audit
• Logo Design-Aaron Janx
• Logo Design-Janx Training Institute
• Website Design
• Website Development
• Shopify Branding and Development
• Book Cover Design & Naming
• Social Media Branding-Facebook (Personal Profile, Page and Group)
• Social Media Branding-LinkedIn
• Social Media Branding-Twitter
• Social Media Branding-Youtube
• Training Website Branding (Lightspeed VT)
• Podcast Cover Image


Complete brand makeover for Aaron Janx that involved: Branding, logo design, brand audit, website design and development, book cover design, soci Read More