'Places and Phrases': A visual play on accent and dialect.
The viewers personal interests maintain primary focus over visual asthetics in this set of Information graphics, combining a simple but eyecatching play with type on a largescale grid, I created a collection of posters representing cities all over the UK.
     'Ull' (Hull) digital layout. 14 by 16 grid
Work in context; 'London ' part of the A1 poster set.
The 'Hull to London Connection': A set created then picked to exhibit at the D&AD New Blood.
And finally here are some of the other cities. From Left to Right: Manchester 'Mancunian', my home town Nottingham 'Notts', Bristol 'Brissle' and Birmingham 'Brummie'. The larger A1 posters come with around 50 words average where as these average around 15 each on a 7 x 8 grid. They were the first editions created to be produced within a booklet, the posters came later.